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USO by African Dermal Science has been proudly featured in SA Fashion Handbook

❝It took four years for Uso by African Dermal Science to appear on the local beauty scene. “A significant gap existed for a quality, science-based accessible skincare brand that solves the unique needs of melanin-rich skin tones including uneven pigmentation, seasonal dryness, oiliness and even difficulty in finding the right sunscreen that does not leave the skin looking grey,” says Founder Dr Theo Motsoa-Frendo.

It is a well researched, tested and world-class anti-ageing skincare range developed right here in South Africa. A proudly South African skincare range that aims to inspire trust, confidence and African pride.

“I believe the key success factors for local brands lie in having an in-depth understanding of local customers, their unique challenges, daily regimes, lifestyle, and local culture.”

It’s clear even considering current global patterns that quicker, more significant transformation is brought about by the introduction of challenger brands raising the competition.❞

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