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After years of being mildly happy with facial care products I had been using over the years, and many conversations with my friends over which products were best for us, I came to the realisation that we were spending quite a lot on facial care that was actually not made with our specific needs in mind.

The idea of starting a skincare line started germinating in my head and eventually I plunged into doing something about it. What a journey it has been.

As with most things in life, expertise in different areas is required to bring anything to life. I found my business partner, Kagiso Musi, a quintessential marketer who has brought many products and brands to life and convinced her to ride this wave with me.

It has been a journey of three years of discovery, sweat, tears and absolute pure bliss in bringing Uso, by African Dermal Science to life.

In this blog, we hope to open up channels of discussion bringing you skin care information from our perspective, the African perspective. Moving from science based subjects to fun-filled conversations about the effects of life on our skin. I hope through this platform to gain insight from you on what we should talk about too – things that interest you which I and the team can provide insight into.

So let’s get talking. Let’s engage. Let’s begin the journey of conversing about solutions that are suitable to us, developed by us.


Dr Theo Mothoa- Frendo and The African Dermal Science Team