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Who doesn’t want a lifetime of great skin? Are you using the right products? In this blog we cover what product benefits you should expect from your anti-ageing skincare products, read on…
The most crucial strategy to combat skin ageing is using the correct products as early as possible in order to protect it for the future. The mainspring of any skin anti-ageing routine is to achieve a healthy, smooth, blemish-free, translucent and resilient skin. We have put together a list of essential anti-ageing skincare benefits you must focus on when selecting your skincare products…




The above essential anti-ageing benefits form the basis of our scientifically formulated Uso Skincare range. To help you cover these essential benefits we have selected 3 essential Uso Products we recommend you incorporate in your skincare routines. The formulation of these 3 products contain multiple high quality active ingredients that will provide all 5 of these anti-ageing skincare benefits. This kit will provide your skin with hydration and moisturisation, collagen stimulation, increased skin cell regeneration, protection from free radicals and protection from Sun Damage.  The Uso Anti-Aging Essentials Kit is now available at www.uso.africa

Do look out for our next blog where we will be focusing on product ingredients to look for in anti-ageing skincare products!

Keep safe, keep glowing!

Dr Theo and Team Uso
Founder Uso Skincare